I’m Alfredo Bruno Massimiliano [Max] Procaccini and this is my blog.

Why here? Why now?

I would like to start from 1970 and from being intrigued by a film called: “Deep End”. The film was about a young teenager, Mike, that became obsessed with an attractive young woman, Susan, who worked as an attendant at the local swimming baths. Although Susan had a fiancé, Mike did his best to sabotage the relationship, to the extent of killing her.

A few years earlier, another film: “The Graduate” had been likewise so fascinating. It wasn’t just about the films, but I decided that human behaviour (human mind and understanding of human reactions, actions, emotions and attitudes) would become my line of studies. Padua University was certainly one of the best in the field of Psychology.

In 1976, unhappy with localised street shootings by the Red Brigades, a left-wing paramilitary organization, I left Padua and came to live in London, UK.

At that time, the main scope of coming to London was to learn English and employment was not an issue. I was quick to learn, adapt and flex as needed, I therefore found rewarding careers in many industries, including: Auto engineering, Banking, B2B/B2C, Chemical sales, Counselling, Hospitality, Industrial catering-equipment, Interior design, IT and Telecommunications, Luxury Goods, Mass media, Pest control and Pharmaceutical industry.

It has been an exclusive journey, during which I have worked for all manner of firms and companies, in all sorts of interesting places and across the globe, and where skills learnt are now reinforcing my experience and understanding as a psychologist.

1. Skills learnt in previous occupations can often augment experience and understanding as a psychologist. [The British Psychological Society]
2. Psychologists have a diverse range of skills, from effective communication to planning and project management. [The British Psychological Society]
3. Applied psychologists combine knowledge with enthusiasm, flexibility, and resilience to bring about positive changes for both individuals and organisations. [The British Psychological Society]

You may have noticed that the three quotes above are taken from texts published by The British Psychological Society. It’s as if, the British Psychological Society has tailored their observations to fit my profile. How favoured can one be?

When talking to people I often observe a sense of puzzlement, bewilderment and unease about my varied working backgrounds, across multiple roles, in a number of industries. Most of these people have only known and carried out one (sometimes two) trade(s) over twenty, thirty or even fifty years of their lives.

Some may argue that fifty years, operating in the same field of work, have rendered each of these people a master of their ‘craft’. Well, this is accurate in some rare selected cases, but the truth is that many people simply become complacent and apathetic when it comes to their careers, forgetting the need for wider experience and becoming dependent on conservative and often maladaptive behaviour. It is sad that (and restricts progress when) so many people cannot even imagine working outside their own sphere of industry.

My varied working background and commitment towards the field of psychology has already given me a wide perspective of its theorical and empirical ways but, since the new Millennium, I felt that psychology, on its own, was not the answer to a fast changing and demanding world.

For this reason, as I did with jobs, I decided, from 1989 to-date, to add these qualifications to my portfolio of knowledge: Counselling and Advanced Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Child Psychology, Body Language, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Naturopathy.

Since 2009, I included and incorporated a specific focus on helping clients with personal development – including the deep and broad understanding of key skills and techniques in business. Therefore providing basic tools for the sales and marketing processes, from prospect stage to client acquisition, right through to advocate development. My clients are developing a professional interest in understanding their existing client base and building a better-planned profile for future sales and marketing activities. As a professional NLP practitioner, I can see that business coaching has become an increasingly common way for organizations to help realize the potential of their workforce, working with individuals at all levels of internal hierarchy.

I really feel that it is worthwhile in my life to be able to provide comfort and guidance to others. Having myself suffered injuries and illness to the point of having been bed-bound and on a wheelchair; I truly understand what it means “I have been there”. This type of attitude make some view life and the world with different judgement and awareness. Mental and physical wellbeing should be the focus for us all.

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